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(c) Cedar Wolf

Julia Dordel: Producer, Writer, Actress and (former) Forest Scientist 


Julia's career is a blend of her passion for both science and film. Her transition from scientist to filmmaker represents a continuation of her lifelong commitment to environmental issues. Through the expressive medium of film, she aims at engaging and educating audiences about the world around them.


Holding a PhD in forest ecology and having led the science communication program "TERREWEB" at the University of British Columbia, her roots in environmental science are strong and deep. This foundation spurred her transition into the film industry first in Canada's Hollywood North, then Lower Saxony, Germany.

As a producer, actress, and writer, Julia is dedicated to sustainability and climate change, ideals that she attempts to weaves into her projects. Her film production company, Dorcon Film, showcases her commitment to green storytelling and ecologically responsible practices: her dedication to marrying creativity with environmental awareness.


As co-founder behind the Green Storytelling Initiative, Julia has developed the "Green Storytelling Checklist" (download PDF below). This tool supports filmmakers in consciously and sustainably shaping the ecological impact of their stories and productions.


Beyond her work in film, Julia is devoted to supporting other filmmakers within the industry through her role on the board of the Film and Media Office of Lower Saxony, as a frequent consultant and a jury member at various film festivals.


Julia's lifestyle mirrors her professional pursuits. A vegan for over a decade, her everyday choices are guided by her dedication to sustainability. Her enthusiasm for various sports and an active lifestyle complements her holistic approach to her work.


Her work is not just a profession but a manifestation of her inner drive to create a positive impact on society and the environment.


Connect with Julia on Social Media or learn more about her productions at Dorcon Film or get in touch below. 


Green Storytelling Checklist
A tool from the Green Storytelling Initiative for screenwriters, filmmakers, dramaturges, broadcasters, and other decision-makers to consider the environmental impact of their stories and productions.
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