Link to Julia's IMDb-profile (Internet Movie Database) 

Age range: 32-40


Height: 170cm / 5'7"


Size: 36-38 (Germany) / 6-8 (US)


Eyes: hasel (green) 


Haircolour: brown 


Languages: German (mothertongue), English (fluent, permanent residency in Vancouver, Canada), Spanish (fluent) 


Sports: Modern Pentathlon (1. and 2. place German Masters Championships 2016 / 2017, Bronze Medal World Championships 2018 (Team)), and very good skills to proficiency level in shooting (pistol, rifle, gun, bow), fencing (epee, longsword, stick), swimming, horseback-riding (English - dressage and show-jumping), crosscountry-skiing (classic and skating), yoga, inline-skating, field-hockey, open water scuba diving (PADI certified) and solid knowledge of various further sports (please contact).

Certified in stagecombat by Fight Director Canada (sword, epee, quarterstaff, unarmed combat)


Licenses: A (motorcycle) [eu], A1 (motorcycle) [eu], AM - Moped up to 45 km/h [eu], B (car) [eu], BE (car with trailer) [eu], C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t) [eu], C1E (truck (C1) + trailer <= 12t) [eu], CE 79 (Truck trailer) [eu], diving licence - PADI Open Water [int], Hunting Licence [de], L (tractor) [eu], Reitabzeichen RA1 (bis 2014: DRA Klasse I - Silbernes Reitabz. Lorbeer) [de]


Locations: Hannover, Vancouver, Toronto, Capetown, Freiburg i. Br., Hamburg, Bremen 



Film & TV (selection)

2023 The Bitter Taste (Lead) | Guido Toelke |Dorcon Film | Feature (post-production) Link


2022 Haus der Stille (Supporting)| Simone Geissler | Babu Film / Bildschön Filmproduktion |Feature Film


2020 KiTa (AT) (Principal) | Cedar D. Wolf / Jessica Schuch | 42 Films  Webseries (filming)


2020 Razzmatazz (Supporting) | Cedar D. Wolf | G.O. cross media production | Feature (post-production)


2020 Sky Sharks (Principal) |Marc Fehse | Marctropolis Film | Feature (post-production) Link


2019 Drive Intertainment (Lead) | Guido Toelke |Defcon-Film | Short 


2016 Froschhuepfen mit Hindernissen (Lead)  | Guido Toelke |Dorcon Film | Short Link


2016 Timebreakers (Principal) | Niels Marquardt | Fun & Jy Media Feature| Link


2015 The Testament (Lead) | Guido Toelke |Dorcon Film | Short Link


2015 Mission NinetyTwo (Lead) | Guido Toelke |Dorcon Film | Feature Link


2014 NinetyTwo (Lead) Guido Toelke |Dorcon Film | TV Link to page (nordmedia)


2013 Foods Unraveled (Host) | Mass Abedi | Abco Film Corp |TV-talkshow


2010-2012 Libelle (Lead) Neil Every / Brent Crowell /Kryshan Randel / Guido Toelke | Libelle Productions | TV&Web Link


2011 Training with the Longsword (Host) | Luis Preto | Blackforest Productions | Video Link


2011 Cityside Country (Lead) | Mike Mander | Blackforest Productions | Short Link


2011 Birth (supporting) | Reem Morsi | Geenscreen | Short Link


2009 The Light at the end of the road (supporting) | Walter F. Ricarte | Desert Star Productions | Short Link


Awards & Nominations

2016 Nominated as BEST FEMALE LEAD for her part as Sonia Engelhardt in Mission NinetyTwo - Energy (Part II) at the Melbourne Indie Filmfestival 2016

2016 Frogjumping with Obstacles won at the FilmFest Special 2016, notably for it's Acting-Performance (Lead: Julia as Wolli)

Education & Training (Selection)

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada  | Prof. Sandra Ferens 



LB Acting Studio, Toronto, Canada | Lewis Baumander 

Chubbuck Studio Deutschland | Sebastian Gerold

Haven Studios, Vancouver, Canada | Ben Ratner and Loretta Walsh

BD Approach Workshop, Vancouver, Canada | Mig Macario

Actorworks, Vancouver, Canada  | Anastasia Bandey 

Studio on the Drive, Vancouver, Canada | Ingrid Torrance 

Austin-Tuck Studios, Vancouver, Canada | Debra Podowski 



Visceral Visions, Vancouver, Canada David Smukler 

Hannover, Germany | Dagmar Thole 



Improv-Chicago, Vancouver, Canada | Tony Alcantar (General American Accent)


Stage Combat

Academie Duello, Vancouver, Canada |  David McCormic 

(Sword, quarterstaff, and unarmed combat w. Fight Directors Canada Certification)



As an actress, writer, producer and forest scientist (PhD) at the University of British Colombia, fluent in German, English and Spanish, as well as an active Modern Pentathlete (pistol-shooting, fencing, swimming, running and horseback-riding) Julia Dordel is a very versatile talent.

Born and raised in Germany, she demonstrated her love of film as well as of science and nature early on. During her school years she played the leading roles in school theatre plays and musicals and produced her own documentary films for science classes. Encouraged by her parents to pursue a career in business or science, Julia completed an apprenticeship in a bank, studied a couple of terms of economics and finished an undergraduate degree, two Masters and a PhD in Forest Sciences, while modeling, working at a radio station and studying theatre and film acting at the same time.

Frustrated by the fact that the word about innovative green science discoveries, with the potential to change the world for the better, rarely gets out to the public, as well as motivated by her love for film, Julia founded together with a fellow actress (Anita Reimer) the film production company Libelle Productions in Vancouver (Canada) and later Dorcon Film in Hanover (Germany) - where she can be seen in various film productions.